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Our mission

Global forests are struggling - we are losing an area equivalent to 30 football pitches of forest every single minute. That is nearly 2,500 pitches of rainforest destruction in the duration of a single football game.
Football for Forests (F4F) is helping turn this trend around: with the help of the global football community and the enthusiasm of football fans, we restore tropical forests, pitch by pitch.

How F4F works

F4F introduces a global Forest Restoration League in which football clubs, companies and individual fans compete to restore the highest number of football pitches. Donations are triggered by goals scored by followed football teams. The competition runs throughout the duration of a football season, with special editions released around major cups, including the FIFA World Cup, UEFA European Championships, and the Champions League.
Our donations go to forest restoration projects in the Amazon region. We go beyond simply planting trees – our efforts engage local communities in the restoration activities, and we work together with youth groups to turn them into guardians of forests.

Join the squad

1. Download the app and select the football team you love
2. Commit a cash amount for each goal your team scores
3. Answer football trivia to boost your impact
4. Follow how you and your team perform in the league table

Each time your team scores, forests win!

How is your team performing?



Project sites in Colombia

Yurumí Reserve and Amazonía Emprende

Amazonía Emprende

7/30 restored pitches (22%)

Yurumí reserve

28/28 restored pitches (100%)


Partner with us

We're looking for commercial partners to accelerate our fight to restore the world's forests.
You can create your own areas of restored forest by committing to a restoration target, engaging your employees in the campaign, or becoming a "fans' favourite" matching partner.
If your organisation would like to commit to a forest restoration target and leverage the passion of football to create impact, then join us in this exciting journey.